SS/GR – 0

Shake down

Special stage of length 4,33 km. Start of the stage is on 5th km going down the road from Rokiškis to Steponiai. When passing by the village you will see the start (turn to the left).

Narrow path goes by wood stacks and other natural barriers down the forest. Poor visibility for sporstmen as well as for spectators. Unless you will use side roads from Steponiai village. Finish of the stage is located not far from motocross track.

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SS/GR – 1 / 3


That is a brand new stage of average length. Pretty technical and consisting of several fast sections. This stage will be driven twice. Most convenient spectator areas would be at the beginning (at Bajorai village) and in the middle of the stage (at Miliūnai village). Last 3,5 km stretch through the forest. So due to dense forest environment finish will not be very convenient to watch.

Lenght: 10,45 km


SS closed from: 13:45

Start of first car:

  • SS/GR-1
    CBET – 14:45
  • SS/GR-3
    DOMUS AUTO – 16:00


If walking down 200 m. from start of stage, good visibility of fast left turn. 50 m. further sharp turn to left on crossroad.

After long straight road, sharp turn to the left on the crossroad. 30 km. furhter sharp turn to the right. Significat part of the stage is visible. Area conveniet to reach on foot from Ežero str. in Bajorai village.

At 5,7th km. from the start after straight road of length 900 m. – jump. Sharp turn to the left on the tarmac 150 km further. Sharp right turn 100 m. further. Place easy to reach on foot from Miliūnai village.

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SS/GR – 2


Part of this stage was driven on last year`s „Samsonas Rally Rokiškis“. However, middle section is brand new and requires attention and concentration. The stage is narrow gravel road with few vast and fast gravel sections. Good places to watch it are located just a little bit further from the start or finish. As well as from some side roads.

Lenght: 12,73 km


SS closed from: 14:25

Start of first car:

  • SS/GR-2
    TOYOTA – 15:25


Great visibility of long group of fast turns in a hilly area 200 m. further from the start. Good to watch from a hill.

Very sharp turn to the left in Vyžuona village, 2,5 km. from the start. Tarmac changes into gravel here. A conveniet place to watch few fast turns if walking few hundred metres towards the start from this crossroad.

Fast left turn and right turn to a vast gravel road (50 m. further) if walking from the finish few hundred meters.

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SS/GR – 4 / 5


The shortest stage. It will close the first day of rally. Main accents – tarmac, stage carried out on a principle of carousel and artificial jump in spectator area A. This stage will be driven twice on a principle of carousel. So spectators will have a chance to watch it continuously for even few hours.

Lenght: 2,02 km


SS closed from: 17:15

Start of first car:

  • SS/GR-4
    ROKIŠKIO SŪRIS – 18:15
  • SS/GR-5
    ROKIŠKIO GRAND – 18:32

Spectator area:

We recommend choosing spectator area A next to the gates to Rokiškis manor. Live broadcast of the stage will be shown in a huge LED screen. Reaching this area on foot is recommended. Parking on Laisvės or Pievų str. available.

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SS/GR – 6 / 8


The longest stage of this years “Samsonas Rally Rokiškis“. First part of stage is known from the last year. Second part is brand new. Stage consists of a lot of tricky turns, some fast sections and jumps.

Lenght: 18,18 km


SS closed from: 09:00

Start of first car:

  • SS/GR-6
    VALVOLINE – 9:55
  • SS/GR-8
    ANDRUM – 12:25

Spectator area:

Long straight section starting from Bagdoniškis village is followed by fast right turn merging a tricky jump and in 150 m. sharp left turn. Easy to reach by car from Rudeliai and Audronys I villages. Sportsmen will „fly by“ this area twice.

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SS/GR – 7 / 9


Brand new stage. Mainly gravel road consisting of different groups of turns and few jumps. Stage is driven twice. Easy to reach from side roads.

Lenght: 13,76 km


SS closed from: 09:30

Start of first car:

  • SS/GR-7
    GEALAN – 10:30
  • SS/GR-9
    TRYGG – 13:00


Good visibility of S shape turns 8,6 km. from the start. Possible to reach from the side of Kamajai – Južintai road.

2 jumps on a narrow straight road 11,5 km. from the start. One is a big jump. Reachable from Laibgaliai – Jūžintai road.

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SS/GR – 10 / 12


Probably the most famous „Samsonas Rally Rokiškis“ stage due to impressive jump at the beginning of it. Configuration of the stage was changed this year by shortening and re-directing from vast and fast part to a narrow gravel road. This stage will be driven twice.
We recommend choosing spectator area C where you will have a chance to see jumps of all sportsmen on famous Big Jump of Vaidotas Žala. There are no possibilities to reach this area from side road. So those who will decide choosing spectator area C must arrive before the stage is closed.

Lenght: 6,06 km


SS closed from: 14:30

Start of first car:

  • SS/GR-10
    VALVOLINE – 15:30
  • SS/GR-12
    FREMAX – 16:50

Spectator area:

This spectator area is reachable from the side of Trumpiškiai settlement. We would like to warn those who will decide to go to spectator zone C after the start in this SS. You will have to follow speed limit 20km/h if going down the road from Obeliai-Subatė side towards Trumpiškiai. You will also have to follow instructions of police officers as you will have to pass rally cars going from SS finish on a narrow 800 m. length road. So we kindly insist you to arrive to SS before the start.

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SS/GR – 11 / 13


Quite fast and winding stage on narrow gravel roads. Sportsmen reach high speed on few vast sections. Part of the stage was used in 2017 „Samsonas Rally Rokiškis“. Stage will be driven twice. Status of „Power Stage“ is provided when stage is driven for second time. This status will grant fastest sportsmen with additional points in Automobile Rally Championship of Lithuania.
This will also be the final stage of „Samsonas Rally Rokiškis“. Winners of rally will be determined after the stage. Most often last stage is full of intrigue and intense fights as well as mistakes of sportsmen as the stage may be fatal fro rally results. That makes it even more interesting.

Lenght: 12,70 km


SS closed from: 15:00

Start of first car:

  • SS/GR-11
  • SS/GR-13


Group of narrow turns well visible approx. 5,5 km. from the start. Good to watch form the hill. No side roads. So if you wish to watch this section, you should arrive to the stage before it is closed (no later than 1 hour before start).

Sharp turn right in a crossroad – 10,4 km. from the start, in Dideliškis village, 300 m. after straight road. Possibility to watch fast turn right if walking 300 m. towards the start. Easy to reach by car from Antanašė village.

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